Crispy Kale Chaat

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If you have been to an Indian restaurant in Washington D.C., then you have seen either a “crispy spinach chaat” or “crispy kale chaat” on the menu. Its a twist on a popular Indian street food – chaat – which is basically a loose term for a collection of sweet/savory dishes that are usually found in roadside stalls in India (but is usually found in restaurants both there and here all prettied up!). I think chaat is kind of hard to explain unless you have had it, since the flavors are a real explosion of sweet/salty/tangy/crispy all in one. I love it. Chaat nights where we just eat a bunch of different types of chaat is up there with my favorite meals of all time.

I tried to recreate the crispy kale chaat I love so much at a restaurant here called Bombay Club. I am not sure its as good…

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Tough Spotters Taking Over



All the Warriors past & present know I need not say much about these
The tiger and dragon beautifully symbolize the yin yang (duality) of the universe. These two symbols of the male and female energies of chi energy
Special thanks to Spotter Adriana Spotter Khole Spotter Jasmine for all the wonderful work they have being doing at there respective Tough Spot Facilities & our website & our Facebook page couldn’t do it with out you ladies Peace Love Happiness Spotter Chance

Oh Get Stuffed

Courtesy of BA stuffed chicken with veggies Happy Eating Tough Spotters

Q Please Bring It Back 000 Quinoa


Courtesy of Jamie S Aka BA vegetarian Quinoa chilly Happiness is a great meal

Chicken Sauteeeeeee

Chicken breast sauté kale cabbage and Brussels sprouts courtesy of Venssa Tib Fitness an absolute gym beast so proud of her

Miracle Shrimps

Curry shrimps with miracle noodles fettuccine Happiness

Jar Salad

Mmmmmmm mushrooms asparagus baby baby lettuce small red tomatoes celery wine red sauce blood tomatoes mixed in a jar for mmmmm mmmm flavor Happy Days


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