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Hardcore Weight Training

Hardcore weightlifting workouts are short, intense exercise sessions centered around compound movements. Utilizing compound movements recruits stabilizing muscles, putting a greater stress on your body and promoting significant increases in muscle strength and size.

Welcome To The New Revolution Plyo Box & Kettle-bell Nation

If you are an athlete or someone that is truly serious about fitness then you  have arrived at the right place The Tough Spot Gym , to forge a powerfully built athletic body  include  kettlebells & a plyo-box (plyometric box) fusion into your workout routine.

High Intensity Circuit

Circuit training for women combines aerobic exercises and resistance training, rapidly switching from one exercise to the next. This increases fat loss, builds muscle and promotes heart/lung strength. Aerobic exercises improve fat loss and strengthens the heart and lungs.



The Tough Spot Gym Spotters Crushing A WorkOut

Spotter Katy

Spotter Katy is co-owner of the Tough Spot Gym.  She is a life-long athlete and a dedicated coach.  Spotter Katy is certified through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) as a personal trainer and a health and fitness specialist.  In addition to her love for weightlifting, she is a yoga-enthusiast, a runner, and a Crossfitter.  Spotter Katy also has a special interest in nutrition and enjoys assisting others in transitioning to a healthier diet.  The video below includes a sample of the types of training methods used at the Tough Spot Gym.

Introducing the Tough Spot Gym

Welcome to the Tough Spot Athletic Training Center!  We offer alternative fitness to a diverse population.  To showcase a sample of the type of training we offer at the Tough Spot Gym, our first post introduces you to Spotter Chance.  Spotter Chance is co-owner of the Tough Spot Gym and one exceedingly tough athlete and a great coach.  He is a professional International Jiu Jitsu and MMA fighter and has many years of experience in a variety of training methods that will assist you in becoming super fit and healthy.

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