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Tough Ropes Training (I know, Can you tell we really like it?!)

This metabolic workout can stand alone as a great finisher after a good lifting day or on a day where you only have 10 minutes to smoke yourself. OR, if you’re looking to work a bit more on endurance you can pair it with  other Hardcore routines like plyo box  jumps or kettle bells.

Chain Dipping Belt: A great retro workout tool making a stylish comeback Tough Spot Gym style

The Chain Dipping Belt is a high performance tool and a heavy duty and comfortable designed training accessory for adding extra weights to your dipping and pull-up/chinning exercises.  Simply using the chain through the central hole of weight discs will allow you to easily attach additional weight to yourself, increasing the intensity of dips and chin ups.  Of course, your Spotters had to take it further..See if you can recognize the Tough Spot Strappper neck routine in the video!

Swimming: A great Tough Spot cardio workout!

Although the Tough Spot Gym spotters use a variety of methods that incorporate strength and cardiovascular training, swimming is one type of cardio exercise that should be part of everyone’s fitness regimen.  Swimming is a non-weight-bearing activity, so it is ideal if you have experienced an injury or if you want to give your body a rest from other high impact exercise.  Indeed, it is one of the most effective exercises for active recovery!  The pressure exerted by the water can help to force blood deeper into the muscle, allowing for a faster recovery.  Swimming is also a great calorie-burner, as swimming laps burns 400 to 700 calories per hour.  Cardiovascular-wise, it can increase both your aerobic and anaerobic capacity.  And finally, the resistance provided by the water will allow you to work the arms, shoulders, back, legs, and core.

The KatMa Strength & Conditioning Guide features swimming as an option on Cardio days.

Tough Spot Ball Training

Besides the obvious advantages from a  practical, and enjoyment standpoint, movement-based training is also adaptable. Nearly every exercise may be combined with another movement into a seamless transition of exercises without a break.  This is important for two reasons:  First, in life, we do not move like robots – we move with rhythm(Tango), cadence(Samba), and coordination(Hip-Hop); and second, there is an infinite number of exercise combinations and variations possible with this form of training.If you are accustomed to typical stand-and-pitch medicine ball training you have been missing the value of this training tool by diluting the medicine ball into a glorified weight lifting exercise.  Movement based training allows for the development of specific exercises.  This is the beauty of Dynamax medicine ball training!

Tough Rope Training Great Conditioning Tool Builds Explosive Beast Power

Tough Spot Gym Tough Rope  training  is one of the most effective calorie burning workouts  you can do! Along with  elevation mask  training, Tough  rope  training is one of the best way to condition. It’s still a relatively new tool  for a total body workout that engages your core for rock-hard abs and burns a  ton of calories. Let me give you a quick overview. Unlike most exercises you’re  accustomed to, velocity is required for this workout. That means there’s really  no point at which the rope is resting – it’s explosive grrrrrrr continuous movement.

Benefits of a Battling Ropes workout.

.Tough rope training engages all your muscle groups. It’s a true total body  workout!
.It requires core stability which means it’s great exercise for abs.
.It burns a ton of calories! The amount of energy exerted in even a short  workout will definitely leave you sweating!
.Improves your stabilty and endurance as well as muscle strength.

Don’t get frustrated! This is a hard workout… but it’s fun! When we  incorporate  a Tough ropes workout into our clients’ routines, they generally see a marked  improvement in overall conditioning, and because this is such a high intensity  and dynamic exercise, they are getting that metabolic boost, or “after burn”  which is burning a serious amount of calories!

Why You Should Try The KATMA Strength & Conditioning Guide

Whether you’re a busy mom, a high school or college athlete, or just someone who wants to lose fat and get back in shape, our fun and effective training program offers dramatic results for the motivated individual. KATMA was designed to offer individuals a workout  that had one thing in mind, results – fast, safe, and effective.

Dynamic Warm Up Tough Spot Style

A dynamic warm up can be defined as a warm up that simulates what your work out will be like. Many beginning lifters and speed trainee’s think of a warm up as riding a stationary bike or walking on a treadmill for five minutes before they begin their workout. Although this heightens their heart rate, which is one of the goals of a warm up, it doesn’t properly warm up the muscles that are going to be used in the training session. Another important aspect of a warm up is to excite your Central Nervous System (CNS) and other neuromuscular systems . This is especially important in the Russian Conjugate method of training. The reason it is important is because the  CNS is responsible for recruiting muscle fibers in order to perform a movement. By warming up the CNS you can improve your muscle reaction time and be more explosive in your lifts as well as avoid injuries.


Varied Hardcore Weight Training

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