About Your New Year Resolution

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We  understand. We  wish I had a magic solution for you and millions of others. Basically, keep doing something each day even if it is just stretching for 5-10 minutes or walking a few minutes after meals. There are many opinions on how long it physiologically takes to build a habit. For daily lifestyle changes, it may only take 3-4 weeks. For athletic movements like throwing a baseball, it may take 10,000 repetitions to get good at it. So, if you can just add in something to your world for 10 minutes a day for 3-4 weeks, you will build a habit. Then that will be able to grow to 20-30 minutes a day of NEW activity to get healthy. You have to do this IF you want to feel better, look better, and be an example to others.

About Your New Year Resolution

By week three of the New Year, the word “resolution” has left our vocabulary. Either by now you have made your resolution a daily habit and will be one of the less than 50% who actually accomplish their goal or, statistically speaking, have resorted back to your old ways. Do not feel bad, this happens every year to millions of us. Typically, 40-45% of Americans make resolutions. In fact, you are TEN times more likely to achieve a goal by making a resolution at the New Year than not – so that is the good news for those of you who started a resolution. It is NOT a waste of time. However, it is time to make it an obtainable goal

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