Hardcore Leg Training Spice It Up












It’s been said that the main reason many trainees avoid leg training is because it hurts too much. Maybe they’re right. After all, leg training can be painful. Chances are, if you’re going to “yawn” in the gym garbage bin after a workout, it’s probably going to happen after squatting. Do you know what it feels like to have your legs hurt so bad that you don’t want to take another step, or have difficulty ascending stairs or getting on and off the can? Of course you do…or do you? Perhaps you’ve forgotten what it’s like to have quads so sore that when someone brushes up against your leg accidentally, you swear that they had just stabbed you with a knife. In case you’ve forgotten that feeling, or in case you want to experience it for the first time (silly you), you might want to try the following our KATMA Leg routine. It’s the type of routine that you may read and think to yourself, “Easy,” but you’ll later find yourself wondering how such simple exercises could have caused so much pain. It is, however, a workout only for those who are more concerned about the training effect than the visual effect. You can’t worry about how hard the routine looks to others. If that’s of more concern to you than the effect of the workout, you’re not ready.

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