Take A Walk On The Weighted Side

Ever heard of the farmer’s walk exercise (think farmer walking with heavy milk containers)? Do the farmer’s walk exercise to primarily improve core
strength (especially back strength), grip strength and burn fat.
The farmers walk routine can be done to improve maximal strength or to improve endurance & strength. If you are doing the farmer’s walk exercise to improve maximal strength, you will use heavy dumbbells. The combined weight of the dumbbells should be about equal to your body weight. You may have  to work your way up to this amount of weight by  improving your deadlift, squat & grip strength. Walk 10-15 yards, stop set the dumbbells down or let them drop. Rest for a minute then walk back. Use good upright posture and look straight ahead while walking! Never lean forward or jut your head forward while walking. If you are trying to build serious strength work up to walking with each dumbbell being equal to your bodyweight. If you are trying to improve endurance strength, do the farmer’s walk with lighter dumbbells. Experiment with the dumbbell weight amount so you are challenged. To up the intensity add an elevation mask coupled with timed farmer’s walk intervals. Now come take a walk with us on the wild side.

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