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Primal Instincts Teaser #2


The Untied Kingdom Flag – The Union Jack

Incinerate calories, matrix approved stamina, increase your endurance and full body strength. It is broken down into two Tough Spotter stages, the first stage is designed to prepare you, and the second stage burns calories, speeds up your metabolism, and develops stamina.

Tough Spotter Duration: 20 minutes

  • Spotter      Intensity:      Medium to High- Tough Spotters never go lower GRRRRRRR
  • Equipment: weighted vest,  heavy bag, logs, rocks, whatever your heart desires J!

Tough Spotter warm up

Run 3 – 5 minutes up a steep incline whilst carrying at least 30-35 lbs of weight / wear a weighted vest. Stay at 60% to 75% of your physical limit for warm up duration. The purpose of this stage is to get you warmed up and ready for Tough Spotter Stage #2.

Spotter Highlighted Tips: Improvise by carrying a weight behind your neck whilst walking up and down stairs, or even carry a heavy bag in each hand whilst stepping up and down onto a single step or bear hugging a heavy bag.

Remember! Stay at 75% intensity, don’t burn out! You can go Tough Spotter ballistic in the next stage.

Tough Spotter Stage #2 – Intense Interval Training

Set up a small circuit of 4 – 6 exercises. Now do each exercise one after the other at 100% intensity – with no rest in between 🙂 Each lap of your circuit should take no more than 3 minutes.

Incorporate some of these exercises:

  • Chin-ups or Pull-ups.
  • Pushups.
  • Presses – pushing a weight above your head or chest.
  • Sit-ups (not crunches).
  • Squats or Leg Raises.

Vary the exercises so you’re working as much of your body as possible

 Send us your times the best time will be featured on our site Best Of Luck

#Trending Now Primal Unleashed Strength & Conditioning Guide


Primal – First; Original; Primeval: Primal Eras before the appearance of life on Earth. To all our Loyal Spotters who loved, smiled, cried, screamed , bleed while completing The KATMA Strength & Conditioning Guide making it a whooping success here at home with great usage & popularity internationally we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Well you didn’t think it was going to end there did you either online or in our now world renowned training facility we aim to deliver continuous innovating workouts. We bid ye welcome to PRIMAL UNLEASHED A Ten week no holds barred tamplet for creating raw barbaric power – strength if you thought our last guide was hard will take hold grab on & hold tight you are about to be PRIMALLY UNLEASHED. We will premiere set workout teasers for your pleasure / pain as we transverse set countries see if you can guess which ones here is a teaser of things to come. ENJOY



1. Sumo Deadlifts—60% x 4 reps x 5sets

2. Leg Squats—50% x 5repsx1set, 60% x 5repsx2sets, 70% x 3reps x 2sets, 80% x 3reps x 3sets, 90% x 2reps x 4sets, 80% x 5reps x 1set, 70% x 6reps x 1set

3. Front Bench Presses—50% x 5reps x 1set, 60% x 5reps x 2sets, 70% x 3reps x 2sets, 80% x 3reps x 3sets, 90% x 2reps x 4sets

4. Weighted Dips—10reps x 5sets

5.Deadlifts Off Box—50% x 5reps x 1set, 60% x 4reps x 2sets, 70% x 3reps x 3sets, 80% x 3reps x 3sets, 90% x 2rep x 5sets

6. Incline Rear Bench Presses—80% x 5reps x 6sets

Zucchini and Leek Soup

Looking for some a simple and nutritious recipe? Check out this post from Spotter Katy.

The Paleo Nurse


I love living in the Midwest during this time of year.  The weather is warm and inviting and numerous local vegetables and fruits are in season and plentiful.  My organic co-op was having a special on zucchini last week and I picked up several pounds.  Zucchini is one of my favorite vegetables , but it’s been quite a while since I’ve prepared a dish that featured it.  That’s probably because it was one of my “safe”, go-to vegetables that I could actually digest well when I first started my healing diet journey.  After a few months of eating zucchini nearly every day, I got a little burned out on it–which is just one of the reasons why food variety and rotation are so important.  Anyway, I felt more than ready to re-introduce zucchini and I decided to go with a soup because it is a great way to incorporate a healing broth into your diet.  Traditional broths are one of the most nourishing foods you…

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