Welcome to the premier athletic training center in Rio De Janerio, Brazil ! 

The Tough Spot Athletic Training Center is a gym that has a unique approach to physical fitness and training.  We specialize in helping ordinary people lose weight, become super fit, and stay motivated, as well as assisting athletes to reach top performance and become leaders in their sport.

Our mission is helping people to become fit and healthy, as well as having some fun along the way!   

The personal trainers and coaches at the Tough Spot Gym (fondly referred to as “Spotters”) are extremely motivated and have a sincere passion for what they do.  The Spotters promise to never put you through anything that they wouldn’t do themselves!

The Tough Spot Gym uses a variety of training methods and offers numerous types of group classes to help you become the fittest you can be.  Please see our services for more information.

Contact us today to receive more information on becoming a member at the Tough Spot Gym!

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