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Unleash The Beast From Within

Training methods have changed dramatically in the last 10 years & for the better if I might say so myself. We are talking about unconventional training apparatus & routines, like heavy ropes, tyres, prowlers, rocks , kettlebells, sandbags, medicine balls together with body weight exercises. We at The Tough Spot Gym incorporate all the above to give our Tough Spotters a variety not to mention keep them on their toes. You might ask why I keep going on about this ? Because the results are there, research with trial & error have shown our body does not know muscle it knows movement. Unconventional training routines & workouts are usually known as caveman / cavewoman workouts. Let me elaborate a little on this in regards to using compound versus isolation exercises. Compound exercises are exercises that use more than one muscle group & run multiple joints in opposition to isolation exercises that limit one joint & one muscle group. An example of a multiple joint exercise would be the traditional squat, strengthening quadriceps,hamstrings, hip flexors & gluteus & working through the hip & knee-joint at the same time. A typical isolation exercise would be a preacher curl or dumbbell biceps curls that targets biceps & only moves the elbow joint. Even today still in gyms across our great nation we see the same thing day in day out an overweight guy walks on the treadmill for 4 minutes, then hits the chest press for a few sets, then he grabs the curl bar, stares into the mirror , then cranks out 2 sets of bicep curls. When he is done with that he grabs a squishy mat to do a few reps of crunches. If this sounds like you, you’re  in for a rude awakening ….. when you try our KATMA Strength & Conditioning Guide or take one of our group classes. You will learn to UNLEASH THE BEAST FROM WITHIN………

Spring Into Spring Discount $5 Off

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Come On Lets Twist Again Like We Did Last Summer

Spotters ever since we mounted the TRX in The Tough Spot Gym, we  must say as of late it’s been our preferred tools for  conditioning regimens. If used correctly, the TRX can be highly beneficial for any functional training program. This exercise is one of the toughest I can think of, when it’s done correctly.  It involves every muscle in your upper body and core through the entire range of motion. Now Spotters enjoy.

Rise Above The Rest Tough Spotters

Every muscle group has a gold-standard exercise for strength and growth. These time-tested compound movements form the backbone of any training regimen. When it comes to back training, no exercise can equal the pull-up for effectiveness and versatility.Despite its usefulness, the same big guys who jump at the chance to get under the bar for a double heavy bench press shy at the thought of jumping up to a pull-up bar. Yeah Spotters , pull-ups are tough , Sure, you might be bad at them. But everybody has to start somewhere. Now rise above the rest

Do that Thing Just Do It Diferrent

Push ups are a great work out that exercises your chest, shoulders, triceps,  abdomen and lateral muscles (connecting to your back). They’re also extremely  easy to do and are a more than adequate alternative to bulky equipment or costly  gym memberships. Still, they can be awfully boring if they’re the only thing you  do, and boredom is the death knell of a consistent exercise routine.  As well, you might not be maximizing the workout potential by doing traditional  push ups only. Get more from your push-up routine try our KATMA Strength & Conditioning Guide Tough Spotters push routine to keep it spicy

Push & Slam

Prowling has quickly become a staple in Tough Spot Training our Tough Spotters see it´s an efficient, difficult & extremely effective piece of equipment. It’s the perfect conditioning device for anyone looking to cut the cluster to start training like a Tough Spotter STOP wasting your time PROWL. Thinking about the prowler makes me want to explode with brute power. This piece of equipment is torturous, using it however, is as simple as it gets. You place some weight on it and push away from either the high handles or the low handles. How you use the prowler, depends on your fitness goals. Here at The Tough Spot Gym we´re always going the extra mile for our Tough Spotters so we paired the prowler with a Dynamax ball workout to get your summer tingle going Check Out The KATMA Strength & Conditioning Guide for more. We Would also like to thank all our Tough Spotters who have supported our site & Guide we just experienced a record number of sales for our KATMA Strength & conditioning Guide thanks for all your support & love.

Spice Up Your Life Tough Spot Style

The six-pack, which is also known as an “eight-pack” is the result of well-developed abdominal muscle and tissue made visible by having a low level of bodyfat. A six pack does not consist of six muscles. It is one muscle separated into sections by the linea alba, which runs vertically and separates the rectus abominus into a right and left sides, the horizontal lines are the tendinous inscriptions There is a great number of folks who seek “great six pack abs,” and the number is escalating. Something in additional that is escalating is the number of flawed ab training advice. The incorrect advice will only lead to mistakes and possible injuries. The most important and valuable parts of a good abdominal exercise routine is the usage of the core muscles. A large number of workouts and routine offerings pay no attention to the core muscles.  The deep lying transverses; part of your core muscles act to stabilize, balance, and support movement. The transversus acts in the same way as a corset, and is one of the primary contributors to the ever popular “flat tummy.” Focusing on the external muscles alone, neglecting the core muscles could lead to a look of abdominal distension. Well Tough Spotters your Spotters have some spice to add into your  AB routine The KATMA Strength & Conditioning Guide contains comprehensive yet fun AB routines included on your lifting day workouts to maximize your results we don’t have the magic pill but what we do have is a fitting routine to make you fell the buuurnnn !

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