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Double Dipped

Mmmmmmmm chocolate protein pudding with choco chips Happiness

Veg It

A side salad wheat veggie roll up with tofu Happy days

Power Up Fuel Up

Slow cooked coconut curry with cashews working out alone isn’t enough a well balanced lifestyle aka diet bad four letter word. A close friend of mine from The D makes these delicious yet very balanced meals Jamie S aka BA :() also living in sunshine we will feature her culinary skills via http://www.toughspotgym.com Happy eating Tough Spotters Happiness

Columbus Underground Gym Italy


Trust me it doesn’t look like much but when the Beast come out to play there beware Happy Days

Be Like Water

A Great Sensie & man who influenced every aspect of not only martial arts but our way of life some people would say the most important thing in a fight is winning Bruce Lee always said one important thing is leaving said arena taking a lesson from your opponent. Happy Days Tough Spotters Happiness

Light Weight Light Weight


Not only is the deadlift great for building full body muscle and fitness but it is also an amazing preventative exercise. It develops many dormant muscles that don’t get the action they need from other movements. It is as ‘functional’ and effective as you can get. It improves you in any sport, prepares you to survive anything that can come your way, and gives you a shredded back. That sounds like a triple play to me…so Tough Spotters start deadlifting today!Happiness

The Tough Spot Gym On You Tube


The Tough Spot Gym on you tube

Eat Like A SEAL

imageA regular life style  for a seal consists of a variety of different fish. Depending on the location that the seal inhabits, the seal will eat whatever fish is available to them. Fish that seals eat include, small fish like herring or anchovies, or larger fish like flounder or salmon. They will also go after mackerel, rockfish and sardines. Vary your life style change to eat foods not only tasty but rich in minerals while still pleasing you palate . Check out our eating guide included with both KATMA & Primal Unleashed to revolutionize your life style change.

Primal Unleashed Strength & Power Guide Now Available

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Primal Unleashed Strength & Power Guide is available for purchase in an ebook format for USD $35.00.

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Zucchini and Leek Soup

Looking for some a simple and nutritious recipe? Check out this post from Spotter Katy.

The Paleo Nurse


I love living in the Midwest during this time of year.  The weather is warm and inviting and numerous local vegetables and fruits are in season and plentiful.  My organic co-op was having a special on zucchini last week and I picked up several pounds.  Zucchini is one of my favorite vegetables , but it’s been quite a while since I’ve prepared a dish that featured it.  That’s probably because it was one of my “safe”, go-to vegetables that I could actually digest well when I first started my healing diet journey.  After a few months of eating zucchini nearly every day, I got a little burned out on it–which is just one of the reasons why food variety and rotation are so important.  Anyway, I felt more than ready to re-introduce zucchini and I decided to go with a soup because it is a great way to incorporate a healing broth into your diet.  Traditional broths are one of the most nourishing foods you…

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